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Submitted by Jeff Bauer:

Dive Report for Saturday, May 14th, 2005

Divers: Mike Poucher, Sandra Poucher, Jason Ottinger, Rick Crawford, Brett Hemphill, & Jeff Bauer

Team of Jason Ottinger, Rick Crawford and Jeff Bauer surveyed from the upstream/downstream T to about 1,000 feet back downstream. Rick took the depth, compass and length readings while Jason and Jeff took turns holding both the "dumb" and "smart" end of the tape measure. The underwater photos below are from this dive.

Submitted by Kelly Jessop:

Dive Report for Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Team of Kelly Jessop, Jim Womble and John Blankenship finished the downstream survey. We started at the 1,000' line and arrow and completed the survey at the 1,800' line arrow. Jim and John pulled the tape measure, while Kelly took depth and compass readings.

Submitted by Jason Ottinger:

Dive Report for Sunday, May 15th, 2005

Team #2 entered the water at about 1 p.m. and scootered to where the last survey data was taken on Saturday by Mike and Brett Hemphill.  From there we  proceeded to swim upstream taking depth, distance, and compass headings at each of the bends in the line about 500 ft.  Mike took the depth and compass headings, Sandra pulled the distance tape to each bend in the line, Jason recorded the distances and reset the tape for each station.

Submitted by Mike Poucher:

On Saturday, Brett Hemphill and Mike Poucher began surveying from the Tee upstream. Sandra Poucher had to abort the dive in the cavern because of a DPV failure. We originally planned to complete about 800 feet of survey, but without the third person we scaled back our plan. We laid out 400 feet of fiberglass tape and surveyed the passage out while taking up the tape at the same time. Visibility in the upstream was about 30 feet with good flow and a lot of particulate in the water. We noted a lot of crayfish on the way back between the Tee and restriction at the cavern. The cave seems to be syphoning slightly in the cavern, but visibility is 60 feet or better in the cavern.

On Sunday, Jason Ottinger, Sandra Poucher, and Mike Poucher scootered to the end of yesterdays survey and began surveying upstream. We got another 400 feet of survey before turning the dive. I left a yellow cookie marked "1100" where we stopped. We again saw lots of crayfish between the cavern and the Tee. I saw a few crayfish in the cavern itself. There was also an eel at the restriction about 18 inches long.

Photos by Jeff Bauer (taken on Saturday)