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CIS Project Diary: 3/11/2005

Personnel: Jason Ottinger
Jeff Bauer

Report by Jeff Bauer:

Jason and I, using a Garmin eTrex/Venture hand-held GPS unit and a laser line-of-sight distance measuring device (Bushnell Yardage Pro laser rangefinder), walked the land to the following six locations. With the exception of the first one (end of dock) the others are marked with a white PVC pipe sticking in the ground at the point of radio locate.
Below ground location
Above ground location
Distance to next location
Entrance to cavern zone Edge of dock

N 30 deg 15.051 min

W 84 deg 19.329 min

46 yards
1st restriction @ ~100 feet Near blue building

N 30 deg 15.046 min

W 84 deg 19.309 min

120 yards
Upstream/downstream split North side of SR 267, near large oak tree

N 30 deg 15.123 min

W 84 deg 19.254 min

41 yards
Downstream rock pile high point (~70 feet) North of oak tree, near sheds

N 30 deg 15.131 min

W 84 deg 19.245 min

167 yards

Upstream, bone narcosis room Wooded horse field to east of last point

N 30 deg 15.069 min

W 84 deg 19.146 min

Upstream, 2nd breakdown (elbow?) Between stables and horse holding pen

N 30 deg 15.050 min

W 84 deg 19.086 min