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CIS Project Diary: 2/26/2005 & 2/27/2005

Personnel: Jason Ottinger (Saturday)
Jeff Bauer (Saturday)
Chip Wuerz
John Blankenship
Jim Womble
Kelly Jessop
Jitka Hyniova
Mike Poucher
Sandra Poucher
Nick Leone (Saturday)
Hector Marerro
Edd Sorenson

Mike Poucher's report:

Thanks to everyone who helped this weekend.  John Blankenship, Jitka Hyniova, and Chip Wuerz were a big help re-lineing and setting distance markers with Kelly Jessop, Jim Womble, Sandra Poucher and myself.  Jason Ottinger, Jeff Bauer, Hector Marrero and Edd Sorenson were able to get two more radio locates - one upstream, one downstream.  We need to GPS all the radio locations again, plus get the new ones. Downstream has distance markers to 1200 feet and I'd like to get them out to 1800. Upstream has markers to 1000 feet and I'd like to get them to 1800 also.  We should have more goldline for the upstream next go around. We can start surveying the new line and tying some side pasages to distance markers. Reminder - March 19th is the work weekend at Indian.  Al would like the sandbags damming up the spring pool removed and Jason is coordinating that effort. This is also a good opportunity to show cave diver support - the Friends of Wakulla will be there, maybe even Sandy Cook, so its a good opportunity to score points with the park to help with access to Cheryl. I regret that I will be traveling that weekend and cannot make it, but please help Jason make it a success. I will try to coordinate another work weekend in April. In the meantime, Jason may try to coordinate something before then.

I spoke with Casey McKinlay concerning the work we are doing at Indian Spring and told him we had replaced the line on the downstream and removed the old double lines. I also told him we were going to replace the upstream line in the near future and we would be placing distance markers for future fauna counts and for survey purposes. He was concerned about the line up to the Tee because of the sampling tube and I assured him we did not plan to replace that line or disturb the tube. We also discussed the placement of the line through the restriction and that the WKPP had moved it to the ceiling so the line would not be buried in case there was ever a repeat of the sandslide that killed Parker Turner. We agreed that it would remain there and I would inform the rest of our team.

Michael Poucher, P.E.

Kelly Jessop's report:

Feb 26
Kelly Jessop, Jim Womble and Jitka Hyniova tied new kernmantle line into the upstream T. We ran 400 feet of the line ,and then tied into the old gold line. We removed the old white line onto the spool and exited. Max depth 144' with total in water time 130 minutes.

Feb 27
Kelly Jessop, Jim Womble and Chip Wuerz measured the downstream line from the 500' line marker to 1200'. We placed cookies with distance on them every 100' and put some new line arrows on too. With the heavy rain during the day the cavern area started to syphon with a noticable temperature change. Max depth 141' with total in water time 113 minutes.

Pictures taken by Jeff Bauer (2/26/05)

Pictures taken by Kelly Jessop (2/27/05)

Pictures taken by Jitka Hyniova (2/26/05 - 2/27/05)

Pictures taken by Chip Wuerz (2/26/05)