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CIS Project Diary: 1/22/2005

Submitted by Kelly Jessop:

Team #1 was composed of John Jones, Jerry Murphy and Rick Crawford. They tied into the upstream/downstream T with a spool of new gold line. They layed this new line with placements to nearly the end of downstream.

Team#2 Kelly Jessop and Jim Womble. They scootered to the end of the downstream line. They spliced the last section of downstream line into the end of the gold line, then proceeded to remove all the old white nylon line.

Team#3 Sandra and Michael Poucher did a downstream locate.

Team#4 Jason Ottinger and Nick Leone. Did an upstream placement (unsure of location).  Team members Jessop, Crawford, Womble used the receiver and located the transmitter.

Team#5 Hector Marrero and Edd did the next upstream placement. The team with the receivers were unable to locate them,and this needs to be repeated.

Submitted by Mike Poucher:

The NSS/CDS donated 1,650 feet of line at a cost of approximately $200. Coordinates for the first elbow in the upstream (Bone Narcosis room) are 30N 15.088, 84W 19.152.

Submitted by Jason Ottinger:

Summary of Team #4's Dive Plan: Nick and I started our dive at 3:30 p.m. on January 22nd.  The dive plan was to move the radio locate device from just above the tee on the downstream side and take it upstream to the Bones and Narcosis section of the upsteam main hallway, set it level and turn it on, and then continue with our dive.  We traveled up about 3,100 ft. in search of future radio locating areas. The dive time was 75 min. with a max depth of 150 ft.   Team #5 was to turn the the transmitter off and move it the the Whales Elbow and continue with their dive upstream. Unfortunately, the signal was not located.  So this radio transmit will need to be repeated. 

Images taken by Kelly Jessop: