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CIS Project Diary: 1/17/2005

Submitted by Jason Ottinger:

On Monday, January 17th at 4:30 p.m. two teams did scooter dives to capture video of the Indian Springs cave system.  Team 1 consisted of Rodney Nairne, Suzie Dudas and Nick Leone.  Team 2 consisted of Jason Ottinger and Hector Marrero.  The dive plan was to enter cave system, drop off O2 deco bottles at 30 ft.  and our 50/50 mixes at the restriction (100 ft.) and use one trimix stage for travel and backgas for reserve.  Rodney and Suzie used their rebreathers with appropriate trimix blend.  Team 1 went in first to capture video of the downstream while team 2 was entering the cave system.  Both teams met at the T and traveled upsteam together with Team 1 in the lead.  Suzie lead with her 100watt Halogen light to brighten the hallway so the video could capture from wall to wall of the upstream.  Team 2 followed  behind Rodney to give backlighting.  We traveled about 2000 ft upstream before turning the dive. Turn time was 25 minutes. On the way out Team 2 lead followed by Team 1.  Total bottom time for this dive was 55 minutes before returning to our deco gas.  Once on the surface we went to Hector' and Keith's place to review the video captured, which turned out remarkably well.   Rodney will be sending me two versions: one with just the video captured before turning the dive and one with the whole dive on it.