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Report by Mike Poucher

The weekend of January 14-15-16 was spent doing familiarization dives in the system in preparation for work further back in the system (3000 plus feet).

The downstream syphon was marked with double arrows.

We looked for, but could not find a lead going west in the downstream that Bill Main and Bill Gavin? had explored some years ago.

We surveyed a short piece upstream to connect two previous surveys that were left hanging.

We sidewall data from the T back to the cavern area.

For the next weekend of February 25-26 we can do some familiarization dives and I want to start surveying the side tunnels on the left at 1200 feet out to 2400 feet. There is a large error in closing the loops.

Sandra and need to finish surveying another tunnel at 1200 feet that is on the right going in and not on the old map.

We need a good survey of the cavern.


Report by Kelly Jessop

1/14 Team of Kelly Jessop,Doug Rorex,and Jim Womble had the plan to go downstream and mark the deep downstream tunnel line. Due to problems encountered the dive was aborted.

1/15 Team of Kelly Jessop and Jim Womble went downstream and looked for a tunnel on the left wall the Bill Main claims to have laid line in many years ago. We were unsuccessful in locating this tunnel.